1. Copy the following snippet to top of the <HEAD> tag.

  2. Change type tags and add cookie categories to your script snippets.
    Change <script type="text/javascript"> to <script type="text/plain" cc="[category]">.

  3. If you have CORS headers enabled, you should add the following expection <meta http-equiv="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" content="">

Supported Categories

  • Necessary: Use this tag for scripts that are necessary for the site to function.
  • Performance: Use this tag for scripts that collect anonymous statistics about users, and which are only used to improve the site, and not to personalize advertisements.
  • Functionality: Use this tag for scripts that record user preferences on the site such as language and region.
  • Targeting: Use this tag for scripts that record user data, and may be used to personalize advertisements.


Modal options

Advanced customization

The options object passed to CC will overwrite the online settings.

Name Type Supported Description
privacyUrl str any Link to your privacy notice. If none is given, Cookiecook will provide a privacy statement that applies to most.
reloadOnUpdate bool [true, false] If false, Cookiecook will not reload the page on consent, and will instead attempt to load the scripts in place. This may cause unwanted behavior in some cases.
sendTelemetry bool [true, false] Will send anonymous statistics about which categories the user consents to.
consentModalPosition str [lower-right, upper-right, lower-left, upper-left] Determines where consent modal position is.
startFullscreenModal bool [true, false] If enabled, it will immediately show the options modal when the user first visits.
noTheme bool [true, false] Will not load the css.
themeColor str (css color) Determines the theme color.
adaptive bool [true, false] If enabled, Cookiecook will adapt to the user's region.
shortDescription bool [true, false] Whether to use short cookie category descriptions.
supportedCategories list [performance, functionality, targeting, uncategorized] Which categories to include. Only supports the shown categories.
includeEssentials bool [true, false] Whether to use include the essentials category in the settings.
cookieConsentCallback function (category) Is called when user consents to a category.
cookieRevokeCallback function (category) Is called when the user revokes consent to a category.
autoFirstParty (experimental) bool [true, false] If set to true, Cookiecook will attempt to automatically manage first party cookies. However, it's not possible to automatically manage 3rd party cookies due to browser limitations.
cookieChangeCallback function (name, previousValue, newValue) Is called when a first party cookie is changed.